Thymesia: The best Plague Weapons and how to upgrade them

Thymesia Best Plague Weapons Skill Shards Guide

Since you’ll face many threats in Thymesia, you’ll want the right tools for the job. And you’ve got your own enemies to thank for that, since they’ll be handing over the abilities that will lead to their downfall. Here’s our Thymesia guide to help you with the best Plague Weapon skills and how you can upgrade them to their full potential.

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Thymesia guide: The best Plague Weapons – How to acquire and upgrade your skills

How to acquire Plague Weapons

You’ll learn a couple of mechanics related to Plague Weapons in Thymesia early on in the campaign. The first is the art of Reaving (i.e., hold the right-click button). This causes Corvus to charge his claw and drill into an opponent. With it, you’ll gain access to the skill normally associated with the armament that your opponent has equipped.

For instance, melee mobs with a shield will give you the shield skill, those with spears provide the halberd skill, and archers hand over the bow ability. There are also a few that can only be obtained from bosses or elites, such as the Miasma from Odur.

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Where to find Skill Shards

Skill Shards in Thymesia, meanwhile, are the items used to upgrade your Plague Weapons. These can drop while Reaving an opponent, or after they’re dead. Sadly, these items don’t have a 100% drop chance. As such, it’s easier to farm shards from weaker enemies or those that are plentiful in a zone, as opposed to elites that are rarer.

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Unlocking, upgrading, and equipping Plague Weapons

You can have up to three Plague Weapon skills at any given time in Thymesia:

  • A temporary slot comes from Reaving an enemy, which has a one-time use.
  • A permanent slot is available by default after completing the tutorial. You’ll see a talent called “Plague Weapon Lv1” in the Strategies tab.
  • If you get the “Plague Weapon Lv2” talent, you’ll unlock another permanent slot.

The two permanent slots allow you to equip a Plague Weapon by opening the relevant Beacon menu or when talking to Aisemy. First, you’ll need to unlock that armament (i.e., usually costing three of the same weapon shards). Subsequent upgrades, naturally, require more shards. Likewise, there are special passive effects that can only trigger if you meet a certain stat requirement.

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The best Plague Weapons in Thymesia

This is mostly based on preference, but here are the ones I consider the best Plague Weapons in Thymesia:

  • Bow – The bow is certainly one of the top-tier weapon skills to have in the game. The shards are relatively easy to farm from archers (which are fairly weak), and the ability lets Corvus stay away from dangerous melee hits. The skill has a low energy cost (decreased further once upgraded), and you can fire a couple of arrows in quick succession.
  • Greatsword – The greatsword is my go-to weapon whenever I’m surrounded by packs of hostiles. The reason for this is simple: frontal cone knockdown. One swing and multiple enemies get dropped, allowing you to perform a series of hits. The upgraded version has shorter range, but it deals more damage, too.
  • Halberd – One of the earliest skills you can obtain will serve you well throughout your journey. Three quick thrusts mean a lot of damage in a short span of time, though you might be left open if you’re not careful. Moreover, if you’ve been adding to your Strength attribute, you’ll trigger the “Offensive” buff after the third jab lands. Lastly, as far as I can tell, the damage and speed are comparable to the Twin Swords, except the latter is significantly harder to farm.

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Thymesia is available via Steam.

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