Thymesia: Potions guide — How to upgrade potions and use ingredients

Thymesia Potions Upgrades Ingredients Guide

Your survivability is of utmost importance in Thymesia, and the use of potions will keep you in tip-top condition. Eventually, you’ll acquire newer variants that are ideal for certain situations, as well as items that can boost their effects further. Here’s our Thymesia potions guide to help you unlock and upgrade potions, as well as add new ingredients.

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Thymesia potions guide – How to unlock, upgrade, and add ingredients to your potions

Types of potions

The potions in Thymesia are unlocked through regular progression in the campaign:

  • General Potion – Available by default; three uses and 150 HP restored at level 1.
  • Long-lasting Potion – Unlocked after defeating Odur; three uses and regenerates up to 300 HP at level 1.
  • Fast-acting Potion – Unlocked after beating the Hanged Queen; five uses and 100 HP restored at level 1.

Personally, I prefer the Fast-acting Potion. While it doesn’t heal as much as the general variant, the activation is a lot faster (which is helpful in fights where you don’t want to leave yourself open for too long). You’ll also have more uses from the get-go, up to a maximum of eight via upgrades. With recovery boosts, you’ll heal just about as much as the default variant, too.

Thym Pots Upingr 1

Upgrades via Alchemy Enhancers

All potions in Thymesia use Alchemy Enhancers as an upgrade currency. These are dropped by elites (they’re basically tankier than regular mobs). There are three characeristics that you can upgrade:

  • Amount – The number of uses before you need to replenish them via a Beacon.
  • Recovery – How much HP is restored.
  • Ingredient Slots – How many ingredients can be added to boost the effects further.

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Ingredients are items that can be looted as you explore the game world. If you unlock an ingredient slot for a particular potion, you’ll see the “Craft” option available. This allows you to add extra effects. Here are some examples:

  • Fennel – Health recovery/HP restored per use.
  • Mint and Thyme – Energy restored per use.
  • Cinnamon – Increases your damage by a percentage for 30 seconds.
  • Lavender and Black Pepper – Decreases damage taken by a percentage for 30 seconds.

Thymesia Potions Upgrades Ingredients Guide 2

Thymesia is available via Steam.

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