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Let’s face it, gang: we’re probably never going to see the FromSoftware masterpiece Bloodborne on PC any time soon. That is, unless you’re a PSX or kart racing fan. However, that doesn’t quite mean we won’t experience something similar in the meantime. Thymesia by OverBorder Studio isĀ not Bloodborne, but it may be the closest thing yet on PC when it reaches its August 9 release date.

The release date for Thymesia was revealed in a video via IGN earlier today. It brought along two very cool pieces of news: we now know the day Thymesia launches, and there’s a demo available today on Steam. The demo, however, is only going to be available for a limited time. If you want to give the challenging action RPG a go, there’s not much time to wait.


Thymesia is its own beast, though it does ape the excellent Bloodborne, which launched back in 2015 for PlayStation 4. While the FromSoftware game remains in jail, Thymesia seems like it could be a solid choice for fans of the former. You wander a dark world, with inspirations akin to a Victorian England setting. There are haunted woods, dilapidated castles, and a library with ankle-deep pools of blood. However, the trailer today shows that enemies often range from knights to massive beasts — afflicted by disease.

Action aplenty

The combat looks especially good in Thymesia. You have a quick dash, brutal combos, and some well-animated finishers in your kit. As Corvus, you also have access to a “raven form,” which allows you to throw black feathers like daggers and “execute enemies with the swiftness of a raptor.”

Beyond that mechanic, the game centers on a disease that wracked a kingdom — fitting for a protagonist with a plague doctor mask. Defeated bosses leave behind disease, which Corvus can take and harness as a weapon. On that subject, there seems to be a wide variety of death-dealing tools. Daggers, swords, a scythe, and even a melee weapon are all options to use in the game.

Thymesia will release on August 9 on PC via Steam and GOG.

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