Thymesia: How to defeat Varg (Tutorial and Hermes Fortress)

Thymesia Varg Boss Guide Tutorial Hermes Fortress

Many dangers await you in the world of Thymesia, such as a knight named Varg. He’ll be your first test during the tutorial section of the game, and you’ll also battle him much later. Here’s our Thymesia Varg boss guide to help you defeat this foe during the tutorial and once you reach the Hermes Fortress zone.

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Thymesia Varg boss guide – Tutorial and Hermes Fortress encounters

Varg boss fight during the tutorial

Given that Varg is the tutorial boss in Thymesia, he’s not particularly difficult. In fact, his animations are relatively slow and easily telegraphed.

Moreover, at this stage in the game, you’re just learning the basics, and you’ll apply these during the encounter. Remember that your blade attacks (i.e., left-click) only deal “wounds” to your opponent (i.e., the green portion of his HP bar). You’ll need to strike using your claw (i.e., right-click) to whittle down that green portion. Otherwise, they’ll regenerate their HP up to that remaining extent.

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Varg’s abilities include:

  • Leaping Slam – If you’re slightly further away, Varg will jump into the air and crash down on your location. This can be easily dodged, and the delay in his recovery animation will let you smack him a few times.
  • Multi-hit Combo – This would be an ideal time to practice deflects. The vast majority of Varg’s swings can be deflected to negate the damage completely. However, do note that this won’t actually stagger him, and he’ll still follow through with the rest of the sequence.
  • Skewer Slash – When Varg’s weapon glows green, he’ll go in for a strike. This can be countered by using the Feather skill. But I do think this is more of an unnecessary mechanic. I found that it was better to just dodge sideways than to rely on this.

After taking out Varg, a short cutscene will follow. He’s not amused, and he’ll immediately bash Corvus’ skull. This causes Corvus to wake up in the Philosopher’s Hill hub where you’ll begin the campaign proper.

From here, you’ll acquire Plague Weapons, unlock talents, and upgrade potions. Likewise, you’ll encounter bosses such as Odur and The Hanged Queen. Eventually, though, you’ll meet Varg once again.

Thymesia Varg Boss Guide Tutorial Hermes Fortress 2

Varg boss fight in the Hermes Fortress zone

The first phase of this Varg boss fight in Thymesia is akin to the tutorial encounter. The key difference is that the arena is significantly smaller, so you won’t be a lot of room for maneuvering. The same lessons still apply: watch out for Varg’s slow-but-high-damage attacks, and hit him if you see an opening.

After you take out his health bar, he’ll switch to the second phase. His melee swings will be a lot faster, and he’s also got an ultimate.

Ultimate: Rallying Execution – When Varg glows red, he’ll unleash a loud roar. This will momentarily stun Corvus. Once this occurs, mash your dodge button so you can evade sideways upon regaining control. If you can’t make it out in time, the boss will grab Corvus and bash him again (similar to what happened at the end of the tutorial).

Recommended Plague Weapon: Bow – Because of Varg’s speed (or lack thereof), the bow remains a suitable option. If you can keep your distance, the ethereal projectile can help whittle down his HP. It also prevents him from regenerating in case you’re further away.

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Thymesia is available via Steam.

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