Tim Langdell Files Lawsuit Against EA

Tim Langdell, founder of the EDGE company, has filed a lawsuit against EA requesting (amongst other things) damages for ‘brand confusion’ and all profits from any Mirror’s Edge title or licensing.

This is just the latest twist in a series of legal activities from both sides, which is exhaustively and expertly detailed (up to this point) over at ChaosEdge.

Langdell is well known in the industry for aggressively defending “The Edge” trademark, which he registered in both the UK and US in 1984. Nameco’s Soul Edge was forced to change its name to Soul Blade for the western release and, more recently, several indie developers have been on the receiving end of Langdell’s legal threats (such as Mobigame, creator of iPhone title Edge.)Whether his prior experience in bringing Edge lawsuits will give Langdell the edge in the current dispute with Mirror’s Edge publisher EA is unclear, but until the suit edges closer to the edge of a decision, we should perhaps edge away from using the word edge too much. Edge.