BBC4 have put out a preview trailer of the first episode in the upcoming Time Commanders revival, featuring a few minutes of one team flailing around against the AI. The first episode will pit a team of board game enthusiasts (the ones mostly in this trailer) against a team of professional wrestlers (mostly hanging around in the background here).

Creative Assembly have clarified that this trailer doesn’t show the The Battle of Zama itself; that’ll be the centerpiece of the episode, when the board game players and wrestlers go head to head. This footage is from a pre-PvP skirmish, where both sides go up against the AI as a sort of practice mode.

The previously released trailer showed some very Napoleon: Total War looking footage, so it’s clear this new, three episode, season of Time Commanders is going to be jumping around between games and time periods. Episode One will be broadcast on BBC4 on 12 December. If you’re outside the UK, your options for seeing it (legally, at least) are unfortunately pretty limited.

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