Halo Reach live pre-load

After what seems like an eternity (actually about eight months give or take), Halo: Reach will be available for the first time on PC tomorrow. Halo fans have been waiting patiently since it was The Master Chief Collection was announced for PC. After months of testing and bug squashing, the first game in the collection is nearly here. And now we know what time. It’s just too bad you can’t pre-load it.

Halo: Reach will be available on the Microsoft Store and Steam. John Junyszek, community manager for 343 Industries, posted the live times on Twitter earlier today. The game will be playable across all regions at the same time, starting at 1 PM EST or 5 PM GST. Unfortunately, Halo: Reach will have no pre-load options available. If you want the game downloaded onto your PC after you get home from work, you’ll have to leave your computer on and set it to download. It’s not a hefty download at 20 GB, but it still adds more time between you and your return to Reach.

Reach for the top

Reach will be the first out the door for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Developer 343 Industries plans on tackling the original, and still classic, Halo: Combat Evolved soon after. Of course, this won’t be the first time Halo was on PC. Borderlands developer Gearbox ported the game to computers back in 2003. However, as part of TMCC, we’ll assuredly be privy to the Anniversary edition, which will come along with all the modern PC upgrades like 4K support. According to a report by PCGamesN, 343 will start work on Halo: CE starting early next year.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection can be bought all at once, or piecemeal. Each game will cost $9.99 USD, but you can pick it up at the Microsoft Store or at Steam for $39.99 USD. You can also opt to subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass, which will add the game for download starting tomorrow. Halo: Reach will be available on December 3.

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