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Last night, G2A unveiled a new range of marketplace features and initiatives in response to mounting pressure from developers like tinyBuild (whose fraud case kicked this off this latest round of discussions on grey market key sales).

In a sixth update to their initial post, tinyBuild’s Alex Nichiporchik expresses some mixed feelings about the coming changes. He acknowledges that it “finally addresses some of the issues” but feels the main problems are still being ignored.

“The only tangible part about their program is royalties to developers and database access which undoubtedly is a good step — we will need to see how it works in practice,” Nichiporchik writes. “It still doesn’t solve the issue of stolen keys, or the shady business practice of forcing down insurance on consumers. Try buying something on G2A, you won’t get a guaranteed key unless you sign-up for their insurance service. It seems they want it all to be on developers’ hands, and unless the devs become actively involved in policing G2A (and thus working with them), they’ll wash their hands off any responsibility.”

“Unless they actually solve the main issue — fraud on their platform — this initiative invites developers to become accomplices … We as a community want to see more extensive merchant verification.”

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