A free trial of Titanfall 2’s entire multiplayer portion will be available on PC in the coming days. For those with EA Origin Access, it’ll begin on 30 November. Everybody else will be able to play from 2 December.

It’s not really clear how long said trial will last. The small print calls it a “limited time free trial” which doesn’t shed a whole lot more light on things. It’ll either be limited by total hours (Origin Access usually gives 10 hours in these circumstances), or it may run across the weekend of 3/4 December.

Update: According to the Titanfall site, “Trial is available until December 4th with unlimited play time.” All progress made in the trial can be carried over if you opt to buy Titanfall 2.

In addition, the game will be getting its first set of free DLC this week. Angel City’s Most Wanted will be available on 30 November for people who pre-ordered the game, and on 3 December for everyone else. It includes a remade Angel City map, new Titan kits, and the Wingman Elite Pistol. Here’s a trailer.

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