Respawn have issued a little bit of information about the servers they’ll be using for Titanfall 2, and confirmed that they are working with Multiplay. According to both article and video (below), Titanfall 2 will continue to make use of Microsoft’s ‘Azure’ cloud services, but will be expanding to Amazon and Google cloud services as well.

In addition, Respawn will be renting some actual, physical server racks in data-centers dotted around the world. There’s an emphasis on server quality throughout, with indications that the company “wanted to make sure that we have the highest possible scalability and reliability, and have low-latency, fast servers”.

They also state: “We are obsessive about our requirements for performance and user experience. We absolutely will prioritize user experience over cost, and our goal here is to have the highest server reliability and to make sure we can handle the wall of users coming on launch.”

As part of that, Titanfall 2 will be running a Multiplayer Tech Test at some point ahead of the October launch. If you read the article linked above, then the video version doesn’t add a whole lot more. However, it does feature a man in a t-shirt depicting a lumberjack punching a bear.


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