Titanfall 2 shows off new Titan in Monarch’s Reign trailer


The next update to Titanfall 2, Monarch’s Reign, is set to appear on 30 May. It’ll add a new Titan option (the titular Monarch), as well as a remake of the Titanfall map, Relic.

Monarch is said to be a “mid-range Vanguard-class Titan,” which can upgrade itself in the field through a unique Upgrade Core. The longer you stay alive, the further down the upgrade path you’ll get; potentially all the way to a “final form”. The Monarch can also pull power from opposing Titans to recharge her shields, or the shields of allied Titans. Helpful stuff.

In addition to bringing Relic to Titanfall 2, the Monarch’s Reign update is going to rework Crashsite. According to Respawn, “We worked on a collision pass for Crashsite, fixing around 100 instances of getting bumped, bonked, stuck or tripped up.” They’re adding eight extra ziplines for more mobility on the map, too.

Have a look at the new trailer to see Monarch doing her thing. The video also has a summary of what’s coming on 30 May, and whether it’s a free or purchasable item (two new Prime Titans will be available to buy).