Titanfall 2 Will Be Released Alongside Battlefield 1 This Autumn

Titanfall 2 Will Be Released Alongside Battlefield 1 This Autumn

Electronic Arts revealed during their quarterly earnings report that the now-multiplatform Titanfall 2 will be released this fall, meaning that the sequel to developer Respawn’s mech-heavy shooter will arrive alongside Battlefield 1in autumn.

While both games are featuring different gamestyles and even more different settings, they are both shooters that rely on multiplayer. So, it’s obvious that many people were asking if this is a smart move from EA, since they could hurt each other in matters of sales.

Andrew Wilson responded to these questions with ease and it seems that EA doesn’t share the “fears” of cannibalization between these two releases previously mentioned:


“There is a very broad and diverse set of players who play games in that category who are looking for – to fulfil different game play motivations (…) Some people play very quick play, some people more strategic play, and some people want both in different context. The result [is] we feel like we actually have a really strong position to deliver the broadest set of gameplay mechanics as it relates to first-person shooter genre across the two titles, and feel very confident that we are well-positioned to do very well in that category [this] year.”

Battlefield 1 will be released on October 21, but for now we are not sure when Titanfall 2 will release beyond its Q4 window. We are assuming that we will learn more about Titanfall 2 during this year’s E3 and it will be really interesting to spectate how EA’s games will behave in the market during the same period of time.

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