June 18th, 2017

Titanfall cheaters can play as much as they want. With other cheaters

I hate FPS cheaters, I mean what’s the point? Repawn also hate cheaters and now their anti-cheat system is fully active and it comes with a twist. A twist I rather like.

If you’re now caught cheating in Titanfall then fear not, you can still play the game. In fact you can play it as much as you want. The great news is you can play it with all your cheating buddies in one big collective of cheating gits.

Players caught cheating will see a screen like this with a nice little red warning to pick them out.

titanfall cheaters

Anyone who inadvertently or knowingly groups with a cheater will end up playing the game in this special cheat mode. Remove the cheater from the group  and you can once again play as normal. It’s a great way to alert other players to cheaters too. Sounds fair to me.

On the odd occasion that someone gets banned unfairly there is an appeal email at [email protected] to contact.

So many times over the years I’ve been taken down by a bullet from some cheating bastard and now they’ll get to feel what it’s like over and over again. I thoroughly approve of the new system which I think should be adopted by more developers. Well done Respawn.

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