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Respawn Entertainment have announced a new batch of DLC for Titanfall called Expedition that will drop in May. The DLC will include three new maps and will take place after the events in the campaign.

One of the maps will be called Swampland and you can see it (sort of) in the teaser image below. The map will feature lots of trees that will give wall runners a great advantage. The second map is called Runoff and is partially connected to Swampland, the developers said “it has a lot of pipes and water.” The last map is called War Games and will be set in a training area for Titan pilots.


Respawn are also giving players the ability to customise their Titans with decals, a feature which has long been requested by fans. You will also be able to meet up with new Titanfall players using hash tags.

Respawn explained at the PAX East panel: “It’s supposed to span beyond just gaming sites, you don’t have to trade gamertags and make parties and be online at the same time. It’s not a way to boost. It’s a way to coordinate so you can choose your teammates.”

Source: IGN

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