Titanfall beta

Is this real? Can you tell by the pixels?

Select Xbox users have been getting a look at Titanfall’s supposed “alpha” build (come on, they’re releasing in March, that’s no alpha,) but until now there hasn’t been much sign of PC people being offered a chance to play before release.

According to what should be a fairly interested party when it comes to Titanfall-related news, titanfallblog.com, EA’s Origin store was displaying a curious message earlier today. It allegedly read “The beta is coming. Prepare for battle.” That message has since been removed, but was apparently captured in the screenshot above.

Unfortunately, since the message is no longer there, I can’t really verify this myself. It would make sense for a PC beta session to be on the way, however. Just as Battlefield 4 had a “beta” period prior to release. That game turned out great, right?

Anyhow, if this is real, there’s a strong chance you’ll have to pre-order Titanfall to get in.

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