June 18th, 2017

Titanfall’s second DLC pack is Frontier’s Edge

titanfall frontier's edge
An exciting bit of art-logo, there.

Three new maps are on their way to Titanfall in the Frontier’s Edge DLC, assuming that is you shelled out the titan-cash for a Season Pass or are prepared to buy it as a stand-alone purchase. If you want to do that, it’ll cost you £8.00 GBP, while the inevitable Season Pass is £20.00 GBP (for three DLC packs.)

Not a huge amount of information on this release yet, but Respawn do say that the three included maps will be “the isolated mining outpost of Dig Site, the exclusive beach resort of Haven and the mining hub on the side of a mountain known as Export.”

There doesn’t seem to be a precise release date for Frontier’s Edge yet, but no doubt there’ll be trailers of the DLC appearing in the coming days.

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