Titanic: Nvidia’s Battlebox range aims for unsinkable PC performance

Nvidia 4K graph

It’s a GPU story, so here’s a lovely graph all about 4K performance.

There’s always room for some absurdly high-performance PC gaming, even if it does come at a stupidly high price. Nvidia, ever keen to push the limits of this sort of thing, have announced a ‘Battlebox’ range of pre-built PCs to offer support for 4K resolution gaming. They’re quite powerful, as you can imagine.

The low end Battlebox options have a pair of GTX 780 cards running in dual SLI configuration. If you’re some sort of disposable income machine, you can also opt for a box with three (!) GTX Titans in SLI. Don’t forget to leave a couple of thousand aside for the 4K-capible monitor too.

With AMD tying up the next-gen console GPU market, Nvidia has come out swinging, stating that:

Batman: Arkham Origins features console-destroying graphics, advanced GPU-accelerated NVIDIA PhysX effects, DirectX 11 Tessellation, NVIDIA HBAO+ Ambient Occlusion, NVIDIA TXAA anti-aliasing, NVIDIA Bokeh and Depth of Field, and NVIDIA Percentage-Closer Soft Shadows. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag has graphics better than those of any next-gen console, plus Tessellation, HBAO+, PCSS, TXAA, and advanced Godrays. Call of Duty: Ghosts has the best graphics of any system, bolstered by DX11, PhysX, and Tessellation. And the massively anticipated Watch Dogs has better-than-next-gen graphics, backed by HBAO+, and TXAA.

Console destroying! Better-than-next-gen! True, but all of that comes at a price. Even the lowest end Battleboxes are going to cost well over $2,000 USD. If you go high-end, it’s closer to $10,000 USD. One for rich enthusiasts only, really.