Following the recent announcement of the ‘Master & Student’ feature in TLBB, ChangYou has revealed several new features for guilds and PvP. The martial arts MMO, based on the novel by Louis Cha, uses a guild system that encourages the development of city levels, trading, quests, guild creation and the collection of special guild equipment. ChangYou feels this is good for both single and team play: “The aim of the game is for players to experience the fighting capabilities that are largely helped by our PvP system. In the ‘World Competition’ for example, players of similar levels compete in a free-for-all style tournament. The last player standing is announced throughout the world and receives a handsome amount of money, and more! There have been some fantastic battles since the start of our Open Beta and we hope to see many more” said European marketing director Christian-Peter Heimbach. The only way to survive is to team up with others, and teams possess the ability to declare war on other guilds, or three at a time, within the game and benefit from increased team ability and fame. Please see the official site for more details:

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