Out today on PC – 14 February 2018

Out today on PC – 14 February 2018

Valentine’s Day PC game releases arrive and there are a few playing on the love theme today. Not a huge amount today but it is a Wednesday.

Algobot hits Steam today, and in this one, players control the movements of a lovable but down-on-its-luck robot, using basic programming skills to solve puzzles.

Co-op hacker and agent game Hacktag is leaving Early Access today after first appears in June last year.

Void Rains Upon Her Heart releases today and it’s described as a “Bullet Hell Boss Rush Roguelite Shoot ‘em Up”.

Sticking with the theme of love, Roguemance is now available from today. It’s a roguelite with romance.

Burning Rubber 5 HD races onto Steam with combat racing and plenty of explosions.


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