SEGA have announced that the first two ToeJam & Earl games will be getting released through the Playstation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and “probably on steam as well”.

Greg Johnson from HumaNature Studios confirmed the plan for the re-releases but he also stated that there is not a set release date. He did, however, express his interest in seeing the franchise return with a new game, but also said that it is “totally out of my control.”

Both Johnson and co-creator, Mark Voorsanger explained that they see Kickstarter as an option if publishers were to refuse the proposal of a new ToeJam & Earl game:

“That ball is still in my and Mark’s court, and that’s a matter of having the bandwidth to do it, and the money to do it.”

However Johnson continued to say:

“Right now I’m involved with a new game project that I’m just getting off the ground. TJ&E will make a little cameo in this new game but it’s not a TJ&E game. I’m hoping to do this as my next game after this one. Fingers crossed.”


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