Tom Clancy’s The Division is not a port – It’s a fully-fledged PC version

The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division may be associated with UbiSoft because they’re publishing the game, and the fact that they also acquired developer Massive, but any PC gamer worth their salt will know that Massive has released a long line of PC games in the past including one of my favourites Ground Control.

Keeping that in mind, if you were at all concerned that The Division would be some two-bit console port, you would be wrong. Massive already commented on the PC port back in August but they’re once again reassuring PC gamers that PC power is being catered for in a new Q&A.

“As you know, Massive has its roots in PC development. We are working hard and we want to make sure that we have a very high quality experience on PC. You can be sure that our PC version won’t be a port, but a full-fledged, optimized version! We want to create the best game possible regardless of what platform you play on.”

Hoorah! Always good to know that when you buy the PC version of a title that’s on multiple platforms you’re going to get the best possible experience. Now let’s hope that UbiSoft actually get the game out on time for the PC and don’t have us hanging around for a few weeks after the console release.

If you missed the Snowdrop Engine video that was recently released you can check that out in our previous post.

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