Splinter Cell: Blacklist (6)

Look out, terrorists are all around you! They cannot be reasoned with and cannot be stopped. Wait … that’s The Borg from Star Trek. Did Tom Clancy confuse terrorists with The Borg again? Well, whoever it is, only Splinter Cell: Blacklist’s Sam Fisher can stop them. Apparently diplomacy won’t work, but silly green tri-goggles and neck-snapping will. That’s the opposite of how it works in history, but this is a videogame so I suppose that’s ok.

In this trailer … well, I don’t actually know what happens. There are some baddies called THE BLACKLIST who are so spooky that they get to have their name read out by real-life news channels. They also enjoy crashing planes, I guess. Then there’s Sam Fisher who, if you watched this trailer out of context, you’d probably believe is a man who just wanders around the place indiscriminately murdering people.

Here’s the most exciting news though: this is a Ubisoft title that hasn’t (yet) been delayed on PC. Amazing! It’ll be out on 23 August just like all the rest of the platforms.

Actually there’s other good news too. The Spies vs Mercs mode is back for multiplayer, so even if the rest of the game is terrible that part should be alright.

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