The Thai martial arts film series Ong Bak is getting a videogame, in the form of Ong Bak Tri, developed in the Unity game engine by Thailand’s Studio Hive. Series protagonist Tony Jaa will lend his likeness to the title, though there’s no word on if he’ll be voicing the game’s hero (then again, the hero might be too busy punching things for chit-chat).

As you can tell from the images above and below, Ong Bak Tri will be a side-scrolling beat-em-up style affair, presented in 2.5D.

Development on the game is said to have been “closely accompanied by the great minds behind the movies, in particular the movie director, Thossaporn Poonnart, and the original creator and master choreographer, Panna Rittikrai,” which, if nothing else, taught me the greatness of the name Thossaporn Poonnart.

No release date has been issued yet, but the game is said to be “entering the final stages of development”.


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