Today’s list is a no-frills rundown of action games you can play for free. No turn based games here!

Blades of Excalibur

Arthur is newly crowned king, but it is a dark time for the court of Camelot. Play a knight, barbarian, or enchantress, to unite the warring kingdoms against its common threats. From the schemes of Morgan Le Fay and Mordred, to the Saxons and otherworldly creatures, to the quest for the Grail, Arthur needs your help.

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World of Warplanes

This intense flight combat game was conceived as Wargaming’s aerial answer to World of Tanks. Don’t kid yourself, this is not a basic browser game. This is a genuine flight combat game, requiring dedication to learn and master the controls alone. However, Wargaming invested in making this a premium experience, so World of Warplanes boasts state of the art graphics and premium presentation. If you already have a World of Tanks account, Wargaming introduced unified accounts, so you can play this now.

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Runes of Magic

Developed by Taiwanese company Runester, Runes of Magic has all the hallmarks of a AAA MMO production, available to play completely for free. Some would call it a World of Warcraft clone, but that ignores the fact that World of Warcraft itself shamelessly copied from its contemporaries, and built upon that. Runes of Magic also builds upon World of Warcraft, and even adds elements Blizzard’s more famous franchise does not have. There is so much to do in Runes of Magic, with critics pointing to the deep crafting system as a major highlight.

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Dragon Nest Europe

Chances are high you have already heard of this game. Dragon Nest is defined by its manga / anime art style, as well as third person shooter elements. Choose between  Cleric, Warrior, Sorceress, and Archer, and embark in some adventurous quests as a four player party. Dragon Nest is moderated to make it as child friendly as possible. If you are a parent or older relative, you may still want to monitor your child’s playtime. Dragon Nest’s young and active community is perhaps its greatest asset, as you will never be found lacking for people to play with.

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Drakensang Online

Drakensang has all the appearances of a Diablo clone, but in actuality, its roots lie with a completely different fantasy universe with different rules: Das Schwarze Auge, or The Dark Eye, a German RPG franchise that outsold Dungeons and Dragons in its own country. The original Drakensang games were, in fact, licensed with The Dark Eye.

Unfortunately, the original developer, Radon Labs, went into insolvency, and sold themselves and the Drakensang name to Bigpoint Berlin. Bigpoint did not get the The Dark Eye license in the deal, and so they set about creating an entirely new fantasy world instead. The  end result has been lauded as one of the finest German game productions in recent memory.

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Zombies Ate My Pizza

If you can get past the simple art style and presentation, you will find that Zombies Ate My Pizza is a fine eight way shooter. It may not be as action packed and relentless as, say, Shock Troopers, but it promises the thrill of mowing down hordes of zombies. Plus, it has a pretty addictive quest and RPG system. At its core, the mouse and keyboard control scheme is rock solid, and killing hordes of zombies is fun, even if the pizza part is never full explained. Don’t let the derivative name fool you, Zombies At My Pizza is worth your consideration.

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The sequel to Mabinogi Heroes, Nexon has made Vindictus a heavily narrative focused MMO. This game has limits to customization and freedom, but that may have resulted in a more solid game. Choose one of eight characters, each with their own class, stats, combat styles, and special abilities. Thanks to their unique skillsets, each character plays completely different and leads to a different experience. Vindictus plays out across several linear chapters, giving Nexon the opportunity to tell a deeper story than your average MMORPG. It also still offers limited character customization, in terms of dyeing clothes and weapons, and there are still dungeons to allow you to grind.

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Dead Frontier

Built on Unity and playable on browsers, Dead Frontier is the quintessential MMO zombie game. A survival horror MMO, it allows you to enter a fully 3D environment to find, run away from, and take down zombies. Working with other players, you can gather resources and extend the reach of safety zones and outposts. Dead Frontier shines as a coop game, but even on your own, there is a lot of fun to be had with it. It may pale in comparison to H1Z1 and DayZ, but it has lower barriers to entry than either AAA production.


Built on Adobe Flash Player’s Stage3D, Chronoblade promises a grand universe to fight in, that you can access nearly instantly, without heavy computing requirements or large downloads. In fact, Chronoblade is set in a multiverse in peril, as a multidimensional entity, the Chronarch Imperium, threatens to destroy each universe in existence. You are an Interdimensional hero, part of the Pact of the remaining universes fighting for survival. You enter one of many multiplayer worlds, and have at your disposal a host of combat options and abilities. Chronoblade also promises open ended character progression.
Arcane Legends

Playable across mobile and PC platforms, Arcane Legends brings a heavily stylized, cartoony aesthetic to the world of MMOs. Choose to play between the deadly rogue, mystical sorcerer, or hulking warrior. Choose your pet, a vital and new game element, and enter the world to battle, grind, trade, join guilds, fight other players, coop with other players, and more. Arcane Legends will always be free, and it ticks all the MMOs essentials, and does it well enough to make it worth a try. Its real draw is playing across mobile and PC, and this is a good one.

Defense Grid 2 out now, with PvP and co-op

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