This weekend, GOGcom has put up a few big name games for sale. By this, they mean these are not reissues of old games, or  smaller scale indies, but medium and large scale productions to match the efforts of AAA developers. We’re focusing on games you likely haven’t heard of yet.

Divinity: Dragon Commander

We’ve featured Larian’s other games here before, and for good reason. What their games may lack in AAA sheen and content,  they make up for with solid gameplay and fresh ideas. Dragon Commander puts you in the shoes of a budding commander. Contend with an engaging story campaign. Choose a princess to marry and interact with various counselors and generals, each with their own agendas and biases. Expand your empire, but tread carefully, as politics constantly threatens to wreck your empire. However, the highlight and innovation of Dragon Commander is definitely in the combat, as you take to the skies in a dragon yourself in a combination of FPS and RTS strategies. Buy Here Now


This adventure game brings a truly unique experience to GOGcom. A product of a successful Kickstarter last year, Unrest is set in an ancient India beset with gripping, realistic problems. Instead of orcs, demons, and trolls, you must contend with enemies like famine, treason, and social upheaval. Play several characters, including a peasant woman entering an arranged marriage, a priest contending with a radicalized temple, a mercenary captain, and others, as you are compelled to make hard choices, with no easy answers. What is one character’s salvation is another character’s doom, but you can get an ending favorable to everyone. Unrest is the proud product of Pyrodactyl Games, based in Jaipur, India. Buy Here Now


If you were expecting another hyperviolent action game, think again. Banished plays more like Settlers or Anno, but without the combat sections those games had. The eponymous banished want to make a new land for themselves, and so your sole goal is to build up a community into a burgeoning city. Give your citizens food, shelter, and jobs, and keep them happy, and watch as they grow this city without any restrictions. Buy Here Now

Age of Wonders 3 Deluxe Edition 

If you were looking for a little more action, maybe Age of Wonders 3 is more your style. Play a large fantasy world, and command an army to engage in large scale battles, build new settlements, defeat others to take their treasure, and more. This Deluxe Edition offers the best value during this weekend sale. For a little than $ 4 more, you can get the Dragon’s Throne standalone scenario, and the official soundtrack. Developer Triumph Studios offers the rare online multiplayer for this GOGcom game, if you register an official Triumph account.  Buy Here Now

Blackguards: Special Edition

Blackguards adds a criminal element to the common tactical RPG. Your warrior, mage, or hunter enters a fantasy underworld, rife with drugs, murder, and crime. Battles play out in a hex based combat grid, enhanced with CG graphics. Build a five person party and play 180 unique battlemaps, for over 4o  hours of gameplay. You will also have to contend with unique environmental effects and monsters. This special edition comes with the official soundtrack and developer interviews.  Buy Here Now

Democracy 3

Did you ever like playing those old text based political simulation games back in the day? Jump forward to today and get Democracy 3.  The game’s neural network system allows you to interact and make your case with thousands of virtual voters. Tackle issues like crime, unemployment, national debt, terrorism, climate change. Deal with different voter demographics, taking into account income, complacency, etc, as well as politicial parties, lobbies, and etc. Combine this with the intuitive user interface, and you have the most complex political strategy game ever made. Buy Here Now

1954 Alcatraz

Irresponsible Games and Daedalic Entertainment have crafted an action adventure evocative of Pendulum Games’ oevre. Joe is doing 40 years in Alcatraz and is eager to get out. His beatnik wife Christine is planning a getaway to Mexico, to get the mob off her back. Both have the loot from the heist that got Joe in the clink on their mind. Switch between Joe and Christine, and help the two in planning their escapes. At some point in the game, you will find that Christine’s and Joe’s interests do not necessarily have to connect together, but they could if you want them to. To cap it off, 1954 Alcatraz boasts a stylized look and challenging puzzles.  Buy Here Now

The Last Federation

This grand strategy / turn based 4X game manages the balance between accessibility and challenge. You are the sole remaining Hydral, setting out to create a federation of planets and achieve galactic peace. You can end strife in your solar system by uniting with all other eight factions, or destroy them all, or a little bit of both. You can set the difficulty levels of the strategy and turn based combat portions of the game at your convenience, and if you’re an old hand at 4X games, you can opt to disable the learning curve AI as well.  Buy Here Now

Expeditions: Conquistandor

Expeditions: Conquistandor retells the story of the discovery of the New World in another stylish turn based strategy. You do not have to follow history’s tyrannical narrative, as the game allows you to forge a diplomatic path. Unite or conquer Mesoamerica in a combination of tactical role playing, resource management, and some narrative based branching paths. Mesoamerica was rife with intrigue and violence, so whichever path you choose, victory will not come easy. Buy Here Now

The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief

Finally, The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief is a fast paced click and point adventure worth checking out, at least just once. Play either the Poirot-like Constable Anton Jakob Zellner, or the more stereotypical Inspector Nicolas Legrand. Master thief the Raven has resurfaced after being shot and disappearing four years ago. Thwart the Raven’s plans to protect the Eye of the Sphinx. This bundle includes all three chapters. Buy Here Now

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