Did GOGcom jump the gun on declaring Gaming Oktoberfest this early? You tell me. They may have a separate Halloween game sale planned for the end of the month. In any case, GOGcom assembled a fine list of for gaming Oktoberfest, and we run down 10 highlights below.

Slave Zero

Slave Zero is best described as a simplified mech game infused with some ‘90s attitude and basic, but solid, twitch gameplay. Switch between Ballistics, Energy Weapons, and Missiles, and manage ammo and health while facing hordes and hordes of enemies. You are Slave Zero, the sole Slave stolen from SovKhan’s army and controlled by a rebel. Some players aren’t too happy with its lack of depth, and some design issues, but overall, it’s a fun romp worth messing around with.  Buy Here Now

Sid Meier’s Covert Action

As Max Remington (who can be Maxine or Maximillian, depends on your preference), play the role of a CIA agent, and enter the world of counterintelligence and antiterrorism. Decode secret messages, infiltrate buildings, defeat supercomputers, and unravel layers upon layers of intrigue. A single mission can last between 30 minutes to an hour, providing a meaty experience for the relatively short time frame. Covert Action remains, for better or worse, one of a kind, and for the price is simply a must buy. Buy Here Now


Darklands is another unique title that does not really have any equal. Enter 15th century Germany as people imagined it. Fraught with dangers like robber knights, monsters, and the domineering clergy. Travel across 90 cities, from the Frisian Coast to Prussia in your quest for glory. Darklands eschews character classes and levels, allowing you to just deal with upgrading skills and attributes, and it active pause system allows you to freeze the game and assign new orders to characters any time. Buy Here Now

Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender

The graphics may not have held up as well, but practically everything else about this game has. As the eponymous Rex Nebular, you enter a sci fi sex fantasy point and click adventure romp in the planet of Terra Androgena. Rex thinks he’s God’s gift to women, but he never expected the fate that was to befall him in Terra Androgena while questing for a vase of sentimental value. Rex Nebular’s presentation is great, its story is priceless, and its puzzles competent. Buy Here Now


Redline may be showing its age, but concept wise it’s a game worth revisiting today. You play an incoming member of the Company, a CIA/FBI like organization, working to infiltrate in the midst of some heated gang wars. On foot and on vehicles, tear your enemies apart in the quest to become the gang warlord. Redline adds a post apocalyptic twist to the premise, but really, you will just want this game to tear up stuff. Buy Here Now


Bloodnet is a role playing adventure mixing sci fi and horror in a way that defines its core gameplay. You are Ransom Stark, a hacker/mercenary duped into becoming a vampire. You can free yourself from this curse, but it involves taking on the streets of an alternate gang infested 21st century Manhattan, as well as taking on the megacorporation TransTechnicals. Bloodnet takes its subject matter seriously, so it is no exaggeration to say this game is for mature audiences only. Buy Here Now

Pirates! Gold Plus

Why play pirate by way of assassin when you can be the genuine article? Pirates! Gold Plus bundles Sid Meier’s Pirates! from 1987, as well as 1993’s Pirates Gold Plus. You start out with a ship, some gold, and a letter of marque. As a privateer, declare loyalty to France, the Dutch Republic, England, or Spain, and sail the Caribbean in search of treasure or adventure. You an strike towns, forts, garrisons, and other ships. Go out in search of treasure, or rescue long lost family, or do a little bit of both. While you can certainly play pirate in other games today, this still stands the test of time as a true classic. Buy Here Now

Warlords Battlecry 3

Steve Fawker’s classic has never been better than in its third incarnation. This RTS makes extensive use of RPG elements for a deeper, more engaging experience, thanks to the hero building system. If you could only play one game in the series, make it this one as it boasts 16 different races, 28 character classes, as well as more factions and new systems that pushes the franchise forward. Above all else, this is the first Warlord Battlecry game to boast modding tools, promising endless replayability. Buy Here Now

Sword of the Samurai

Here’s another game that definitely shows its age, but is worth a second look, especially if you are a fans of historical strategy games. You are a samurai in Japan’s Age of Warring States, and your actions are dictated by a strict code of honor. Make your way up to head of your clan, provincial warlord, all the way up to shogun, the absolute ruler. Sword of the Samurai boasts a deep combat system, allowing you to lead real time melee battles, as well as take on enemies directly with one on one duels. However, you can also manage diplomacy to win rivals over, and if you so wanted, you can even break the samurai code. Use whatever means is best to conquer Japan. Buy Here Now

F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 2.0

We end this list with another little explored genre in this day and age that really needs a revival. This combat sim from 1991 puts you in control of a Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk, the first operational aircraft with stealth technology. This game boasts an exceptional degree of historical accuracy, as you take the F-117A to the places where it proved its worth, such as Cuba, North Korea, Kuwait, Vietnam and the Middle East. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to call it one of the most historically accurate flight sims ever made. Play a US standard issue model as used by the actual military, or a fictional overpowered version for more intense battles. Buy Here Now






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