Some of you may have an inclination for strategy games over other genres. If this is you, and you’re looking for a way to get your fix for free, check out these ten games you can play on your web browsers. These are listed in no particular order, so feel free to pick out any one that you like.

Stormfall: Age Of War

You are a lord of Stormfall, tasked with making your castle into a formidable stronghold to protect your people. You will have to manage resources, learn Lost Arts, and upgrade your castles, and your success or failure depends on making the right decisions. Thanks to its social features, you can trade and interact with other lords online, so that you can help each other out. You can even join one of the Great Leagues, or stake it out on your own. Just be patient when going through the initial tutorials, since you will not get the most out of the game without understanding everything.

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Wartune got embroiled in controversy earlier this year when its ad campaigns played up the sexualization of women characters in its game world. This campaign seems more ill advised, because this element is not even that prevalent in the game. If you look at Wartune outside of this morass, however, it is actually a decent timekiller, with not too much difficulty and a good story. To its credit, the game is visually appealing, and its combat system is easy to pick up on.  You might need to concentrate to understand other gameplay elements better, but it is a decent game for the time that you are going to play it.

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Angel Alliance

This game is the epitome of autopilot, but we won’t judge you for enjoying this kind of game. You can breeze through this one thanks to auto paths, numerous screen prompts, and autoplaying battles. You can choose to point and click through it if you want to see the game’s different environments. You can also get some fun choosing across customization and upgrade paths. The best thing going for Angel Alliance is its friendly community. You will always find someone for PVP or willing to help you out.

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The Settlers Online: Castle Empire

Did Ubisoft do good by The Settlers when they brought it online? The answer would be yes, with some qualifications. It retains enough elements from the original to satisfy some older fans, but those same fans may also be turned off by the long wait times on gathering resources and building structures. There’s no way around the game being designed for casual play, but like other games of its type, it is aided by an active community, and it does look good. Look at it this way; if you’re an older Settlers fan, you could use this to discreetly get friends and family into Settlers, and maybe convince them to play the main games.

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Anno Online

Another Ubisoft franchise foray into free to play, Anno Online is deliberately simpler and easier than the original games, but that’s what it needed to be to appeal to a more casual crowd. There are no wars or even battles here, so you will focus squarely on managing resources and building up your city, which becomes increasingly complex the longer you play and the more higher up you are. Monetization will eventually catch up and make the game unplayable, but you will have logged in as much as 100 hours before this happens.

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Sparta War Of Empires

Sparta allows you to play out a dream scenario for 300 fans. What if you came back from the battle against Xerxes and his Persian army, not only alive, but successful and ready to lead your city to new heights? Well, after such a campaign, you would have to get to the business of being a true leader, managing your city and juggling resources. Developer Plarium has worked on this game’s accuracy, so you might want to try this out if you’re a history buff as well.

Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914 places you in the milieu of the verge of World War I. As such, you will be placed in charge of countries in or allied to either the Triple Alliance or the Triple Entente, in a struggle to garner popular support, raise global influence, and invade or defend territories. You can fight with AI or other players, playing as other countries, and games can last between four to eight weeks. Aside from the usual resource management and army tropes, you can also take advantage of elements like diplomacy, espionage, and morale to win the game.

Goblin Keeper

Are you a classic Dungeon Keeper fan disappointed with how EA tried to update the game with its mobile version? There is actually another game out there that does a better job of bringing the game forward with modern elements out there. Yes, Goblin Keeper has monetization, and timed resource releases, but it doesn’t go overboard with it like Dungeon Keeper Mobile did. Even more importantly, it retains much of what made Dungeon Keeper fun; the ability to build sprawling dungeons to protect your treasure, and the chance to go after those owned by other players. Goblin Keeper gets the balance just right and is worth your time.

Rail Nation

You did not expect to see a train sim to make it to this list, did you? But Rail Nation is worth taking a look into even if you are more into  action oriented strategy games. The strategy comes in when you have to choose the best trains and plan the best routes to deliver goods on time. Rail Nation offers multiple technology upgrade paths, and it also allows you to go through different historical eras.

Orcs Must Die! Unchained

While the developers have given up trying to convince fans Unchained is not a MOBA, it still retains much of the tower defense elements of its predecessors. You will still be laying traps down to take enemies out. This time, however, you and another player will be attempting to enter each other’s rift. Each side has five minions they can use to get through a mirrored obstacle course, where traps and other enemies await.

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