We all know Ubisoft’s placed a substantial amount of their great games on GOGcom, right? They are not all in there but even games like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and Prince of Persia have representation here. Well, this is a list of the games you may not know are even available. As you can guess, these are some guaranteed classics.


Imperialism is the kind of game GOGcom was made for, and does not deserve the obscurity it ultimately fell into. This turn based historical strategy is one of the finest games ever made, but was underappreciated in its time, having been surrounded by other classics, and as the genre declined, this IP was forgotten along with it.

Offering you the choice to play either procedurally generated worlds or a more historically accurate campaign, you can choose to play one of several European empires and manage the conquering and dominion over your colonies, while you hustle to be the ruke of the world. Buy Here Now

Speed Busters American Highways 

This is a divisive game, but worth taking a look in, and definitely worth the discount. Race in this alternate reality America, using classic muscle cars across dangerous obstacle course tracks across America (including Canada, for some reason). Bet on each race to earn cash for upgrades and maintenance. The AI is good, and unlike other racers, you can keep powersliding indefinitely to traverse alternate routes. If nothing else, there is the novelty of the police paying you for racing faster, which I’m sure anybody who has driven out on the road will want to experience at least once.  Buy Here Now

Silent Hunter 2

Here’s a game genre you don’t see much nowadays. Silent Hunter 2 is a submarine simulation placing you in the shoes of the captain of a U-boat, in the underwater trenches of WWII. The game is known for its detailed and harsh historical accuracy, thanks to consultants who actually fought in the war. It also boasted several missions that recreated several real life sub battles, including encounters in Scapa Flor and the Strait of Gibraltar.  Buy Here Now

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete

I know some of you will argue that this game is not as obscure as the others, but sadly, this franchise has seen better days, with last installment famous tainted by DRM and bugs.

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete bundles the base game, The Restoration of Erathia, and its expansions, Armageddon’s Blade and Shadow of Death. Among the games in the Might and Magic series, I recommend this one as a good starting point, for graphics and presentation that still holds up, as well as core gameplay that’s simple to pick up and get addicted to. Buy Here Now

Heroes Chronicles All Chapters

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 still too esoteric for you? Then I recommend this spinoff developed by New World Computing to introduce fans to the Might and Magic flavor of turn based strategy. Based on the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 engine, Heroes Chronicles is a nine part series of smaller campaigns, telling the story of the fierce barbarian Tarnum, his life, death, redemption, and final fate. Buy Here Now

Heritage of Kings: The Settlers

Trumpeting another unapperciated game in its day, this spinoff breaks from many Settlers conventions to bring the series to 3D for the first time. Along the way, it tells the story of Dario, the rightful heir to the throne of the Old Realm, and how he took the throne back from the evil King Mordred. Dario is one in a party of six heroes who take part in combat. However, this is still a Settlers game, so you still have a settlement to manage and grow alongside your military campaign. Your Settlers remain charming, and the game entered the 3D realm in style. Buy Here Now

Panzer General 2

Panzer General 2 is a historical WWII simulation, placing you in the shoes of such a general at the dawn of the Spanish Civil War. The Panzer General series were the work of Strategic Simulations, Inc, a developer with a specialty for wargaming. As esoteric and dense wargames can get, the Panzel General series made the genre more approachable, and it still rewarded tactical play, such as Blietzkrieg maneuvers. Panzer General 2 is another game in the midpoint of the evolution of the franchise. It improved the presentation with photorealistic terrain, but retained turn based play across operational hex level maps.  Buy Here Now

Battle Isle Platinum

The Battle Isle series took equal inspiration from Japan’s Nectaris as much as Western wargames, and has the distinction of being one of the very first games made for Windows 3.11 and 95. Play in the humanlike but very alien world of Chromos, and play out the war between the Kais and Drulls. This bundle includes Battle Isle 1 to 3, Incubation, the Wilderness Missions, and all the expansions in between. Buy Here Now

Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn is a quaint and fun throwback to DOS 3D gaming. It is a first person fantasy RPG, where you take blocksteps to traverse around a real time world. This RPG eschews the relentless level grind, as picking up more spells and abilities makes you more powerful on its own. You choose one of several characters roaming the land of Tempest, and actually get to meet the other potential playable characters for the duration of your quest. This is an action game with some puzzles, and is charming in its datedness. Buy Here Now

POD Gold

POD: Planet of Death is a futuristic sci-fi racer, that pushed the limits of 3D computer graphics in 1997. In another unlikely life-or-death competition, the racers are inhabitants of the planet Io, seeking to escape a virus outbreak. There is only one ship left in the planet, and they compete for the right to use said ship to get out of the planet.

POD was known then as the game that showcased the cutting edge capabilities of graphics cards at the time, although some dispute the quality of its difficulty and level design, as well as its lack of features. Today, it remains a fun diversion, if not a particularly deep or challenging racer.  Buy Here Now

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