Rocksteady’s Arkham games have proved that games based on superheroes can be absolutely fantastic. I wasn’t really a big Batman fan before I played Arkham Asylum but after that I was hooked. One of the great things about the Arkham games is the sheer number of things to collect and unlock after you’ve beaten the game. In Arkham city there was only one alternative suit for Bruce to wear but in the following games you can unlock loads of new suits that are sourced from lots of different Batman comics, but what suits do we want to see in Arkham Knight?

In this article published by Explosion and written by Jeffrey Harris, you can read his selection of costumes that would be great to see in Arkham Knight. How cool would it be to swoop over the roof tops in Tim Burton’s 1989 costume, or better still Ben Afleck’s costume from the upcoming film? You can check out Jeffrey’s thoughts HERE.

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