Torchlight 2 Act 2 Signed Off

Runic Games Travis Baldree returns this week with another Torchlight 2 development update. So far the team have been going over each act of the game, and according to this week’s update, their “pass” over Act 2 is now complete. The team are also working on each of the class skills to make sure they are all in tip-top shape.

So where are we now? Well it looks like the game is still some way off as it will be a few weeks until they complete their final pass over Act 3 before they move onto the smaller final Act 4.

Runic plan to have the game released by the end of the summer but they are cutting it very tight. They could make September assuming all goes to plan, and based on this latest update, the final spit and polish sounds like it’s going a long way to having a pretty solid game when it releases. After what happened with Diablo 3, taking the extra time could really pay off for Runic.

Read the full update on Runic’s forums.

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  • Darth Nixa

    I hope it turns out better than D3…

    • monsterminty

      Ha, it couldn’t turn out worse!

      • LilyvSelena


    • last time i played the first torchlight i didn’t need to log in 😛

      • Rosemarie


    • Rosemarie

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    • LilyvSelena

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  • Mymind

    Bullshit…Diablo took twice as much time and still sucked. Gut feeling is “stay tuned for more anticipation of failure.”

    • Guest

      Eh… I really doubt TL2 can suck harder than D3. When you make a game and start REMOVING features that were in the game (PVP still hasn’t made it’s return) it’s kinda easy to be surpassed. Not to mention members of the D2 team working on TL2. It’s destined to be better than D3.

    • CursedSeishi

      By that logic, any action RPG released must of sucked, because Too Human took over a decade and still sucked well beyond what it should of. Or that any FPS game should suck horribly because Duke Nukem Forever took 15 years and was a sinful abomination.

      It wasn’t a case of “too much” or “not enough” time with Diablo 3. It had everything to do with a bunch of clueless WoW devs trying to shoe-horn all kinds of MMO-Lite mechanics into a game, without even having the speck intelligence it would take to realize just how badly that would destabilize the “endgame” of loot grinding. It was about a bunch of idiots with no foresight trying to squeeze as much as cash as they could out of a game they knew would be bought in bulk.

      It had nothing to do with time invested, just the ignorance and incompetence of the team behind it. Same reason why Duke Nukem Forever sucked, and the same reason why everything Silicone Knights makes nowadays sucks.

  • ROb

    If they release it after GW2, I simply won’t have any time to play it…