Torchlight 2 Monster Details Revealed

The Torchlight 2 promo machine splutters into life today as Runic Games announce, in the run up to E3 and the expected release of Torchlight 2 soon after, that they will be teasing us with new information about the Action RPG.

The first of these bi-weekly reveals focuses on six beasts that you will be facing.  All manner of monstrosities will attempt to have their evil way with you.  From the Yakotaur, a half yak, half yeti abomination to the Spectral Dragons, once enslaved but now feral and more than a little determined to the Dwarven Automata, mechanical relics hell-bent on crushing and mangling your heroes’ tender body parts. Six foe in total and bios for all can be found on the Torchlight 2 website.
Torchlight 2 is due for release in July and comes from a sound ARPG pedigree as its founders developed the Diablo series.  IncGamers had the opportunity to sit down with CEO Max Schaefer just yesterday for a chat about his time at Blizzard, work on the original (scrapped) Diablo 3, Blizzard’s recent 20th Anniversary commemorative efforts and of course plenty on Torchlight 2 and beyond.  That interview will be online at IncGamers next week.

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