Undeniably, Torchlight has gained a decently sized following since the initial release of Torchlight back in 2009. In 2012, we were given a fantastic followup in the form of Torchlight II. It’s now been nearly three years since Torchlight II came out, and plenty of fans have been wondering when the third game might be on its way.

The answer to when the game is coming though is unfortunately very unclear. With the incredibly similar style of play, people often draw comparisons between Diablo and Torchlight. Recognizing this, Runic Games President Marsh Lefler had this to say when asked in an interview with IGN why they chose to focus on Hob instead of Torchlight III:

We’re just burnt out. Let’s admit it, Diablo 3 is killing it right now. Diablo 3 is a really fun game. Not that Torchlight II isn’t a fun game, it is, but it’s just different. For us to try to compete with Diablo 3? We weren’t trying to compete before.

Lefler did go on to clarify that Diablo and Torchlight are different kinds of action RPGs, but that as a developer, Runic Games simply needed a break from developing dungeon-crawlers.

At least it’s clear that we shouldn’t be getting hyped for the third entry to the Torchlight series just yet. Maybe we’ll see a return when Diablo 3 is a bit older, and their latest game, Hob, has had some time to succeed. It’s safe to say though that at this point, Torchlight III can’t be expected anytime soon.

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