Torchlight Ii Epic Games Store Free December 2020

If you’ve been paying attention to the Epic Games Store this week, you’ll know by now that it’s giving away a new free game every 24 hours until we hit the new year. Today is the fourteenth day of the “15 days of free games in December” event or whatever Epic calls it. Today’s free offering is Torchlight II, so claim it now before you forget.

Boy does this one sound familiar. I think this is the third time Epic has given away Torchlight II. I could lazily just backlink to the last time I shared the same news, but let’s provide due diligence and cover what this dungeon-crawling RPG is all about. If you haven’t played the Torchlight series yet, the second iteration is definitely the game you want. Happy holidays, because you just lucked out on a fine deal for a fine game.


A gem that ages like fine wine

Torchlight II won plenty of awards when it debuted in 2012. It packs countless hours of gameplay if you really dig into it, and the randomly generated levels make playthroughs feel unique. What’s more, you can try out four different classes with unique playstyles and further customize the experience with full character creation. The RPG elements extend to other things like pet ownership and mini games. It all fits into a vast world with plenty of loot and locations to discover.

Torchlight Ii Free

There’s another major free perk for Torchlight II, and that is mod support. Needless to say, you get the opportunity to add a lot of additional user content to the game. The popularity of the game and its years of time in the hands of modders has resulted in a long list of options to choose from. We even have an OG mod recommendation list you can check out from back in the day.

I can’t think of any better way to cap off this game feature than mentioning it takes almost nothing to run. Add Torchlight II to your laptop or tablet. Or blast it at some insane resolution with high fps settings on a desktop. Everyone can enjoy this game, which means you and all of your buddies. There’s also co-op with support for up to six players, which makes this perfect for the global situation we’re in. Get together and enjoy some good ol’ exploring.

The Epic Games Store has more than just these free games to enjoy this December

Be sure to claim Torchlight II on the Epic Games Store before 11 AM ET on December 31, because like we said, the free games will only be available for 24 hours each. If you do have a little cash to spend and you’re thinking of picking up something for the holidays this year, also check out the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale, where there’s over 200 popular titles of various flavors. You can also grab $10 USD coupons, rendering some of those games almost free.

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