Upcoming Torchlight Iii Update Adds Cursed Captain Class And More (2)

Following its official launch out of Early Access and into a full-fledged release back in October, Torchlight III is getting a new player class. Announced via a Steam update, the new Cursed Captain class will soon walk the decks in Torchlight III. If you are up for an undying adventure that skews towards the waters, this is the perfect class for you.

As a primarily mid-range class, the Cursed Captain will introduce large cannons and ghostly summons into the game. The class-specific cannon will pack quite a punch. However, if you are not keen on doing the dirty work yourself, you can always summon a ghostly crew of swashbucklers to lend you a hand.


The Cursed Captain also utilizes a unique resource in Torchlight IIIDoubloons. Both monsters and treasures will drop the resource for your collection. This new Torchlight III class ups the fashion game as well, bringing with it the class-specific armor type, capes.

Upcoming Torchlight Iii Update Adds Cursed Captain Class And More (4)

Getting into the spirit of things

According to Echtra Games, the class is built to fill the Summoner gap in Torchlight III. It will be the first to dive deep into that particular archetype. The Cursed Captain can rely on Cannoneers, Riflemen, standard Crewmates, and even a First Mate to turn the tide. As the leader, players can command the crew as they see fit.

If controlling a crew is not your cup of tea, the Cursed Captain is still a solo powerhouse. By collecting Doubloons, you can spend them on skills rather than your crew. Load them up into your trusty cannon and fire them with the Plunderbuss skill. In need of more firepower? Order your flagship to fire a deadly broadside onto your foes from afar.

Better yet, Cursed Captains can bring the entire flagship directly into the fight in Torchlight III. Effective and straight to the point, just the way I like it.

Additional offerings

The Cursed Captain class is not the only new thing coming in the next Torchlight III update. The development team is also looking to add an array of adorable pets to the frontier. Players can expect animals like the Samurai Shiba Inu and the Fire Fox to add to the experience. In total, there will be four new species with over forty new pets and variants. The pet UI will be improved too, so you can better manage, delete, and sort them. Torchlight III will add more pet slots, and the bug which prevented you from bring your companions along for adventures has been resolved.

Upcoming Torchlight Iii Update Adds Cursed Captain Class And More (1)

In addition, Echtra Games is planning to implement more quality of life updates and content. The new Fur & Fashion contract will bring about new dyes, fort props, and the aforementioned pets. For those looking to jump back into fights, a new instance reset feature will be useful.

You can also continue to farm in a particular area without leaving the game or depending on the reset timer. If you need something more drastic, you can even reset your multiplayer or single-player accounts to start everything from scratch as well.

All of these changes and the addition of the Cursed Captain class to Torchlight III will come with a list of bug fixes. More information will be shared soon.

Upcoming Torchlight Iii Update Adds Cursed Captain Class And More (3)

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