Runic Games’ Max Schaefer has told IncGamers that the forthcoming Torchlight MMO will “make the level grinding fun.”The forthcoming MMO, a stand-alone title set to show off much more of Torchlight’s world along with adding multiplayer capabilities, will play quite similarly to the recently-released single-player offering but is focused on being “a good, snappy action-RPG.””We want to make the level grinding fun,” explained Schaefer. “We don’t want to look for alternatives to the level grind – we want to make the grinding fun, and make the adventuring fun, and make dungeons cool, and getting your party together, getting a map, and going to some special dungeon should be a fun event – not a chore you do so you can get to the next level, so you can unlock something or get a particular item.”According to Schaefer the MMO, due out in the next two years, will go “even further down the line of it being quicker, faster combat” when compared to most other RPGs on the market.Sounds interesting to us. Stay tuned for our full interview with Max Schaefer later today, and check out our Torchlight review.

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