Torchlight Surpasses Half A Million Sales

Runic Games has announced that dungeon-crawler title Torchlight has sold more than half a million copies.

“We’d like to thank the greatest gaming community in the world, Valve, Perfect World, World Domination (Mac port), and all our other distribution partners for making this possible,” said an obviously rather pleased Runic CEO Max Schaefer.

It’s difficult to gauge precisely how much revenue those 500,000 sales will have generated, as Torchlight has featured in multiple Steam sales and Runic has not made a figure public. However, as the game had a small team and a development cycle of less than one year, the returns are likely to be fairly substantial.As of 12 May, Mac users have also been able to experience Torchlight’s charms.

The game was one of the Mac Steam client launch titles, alongside Valve’s Portal.