Turn-based fighting game arrives on Steam, gaining improved friends system in the process

Nicalis, Inc., developer and publisher of independently awesome video games, announces that the turn-based fighting game Toribash—developed by Nabi Studios—has been released on Steam.

“Steam is going to be amazing for Toribash. Even just getting access to the built-in auto-update has made rolling out new features faster and easier. Having achievements pop up in real time is very cool too,” said resident martial arts master at Nabi Studios, Hampus Soderstrom. “We had always planned to do a friend list with some kind of messaging system, but it never came together because the overhead was just too much for a game like Toribash. With Steam, though, we get access to a great friends system, much better than the one we have in Toribash right now.”

On a personal note and as a long time player and acquaintance of Hampus, it’s great to see him moving up the ranks and getting Toribash the attention it deserves.

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