The latest patch for Total War: Arena also adds the famous Gallic chieftain Vercingetorix, ready to dish out some discipline and defiance on the online battlefield.

His four commander orders are as follows: Natural Fortification (terrain buffs), Iron Discipline (prevents morale decreasing), Scorched Earth (a fire AoE that will damage units trying to move through it), and Defiance (delays all damage taken against a unit).

Patch-wise, here’s what’s changed:


  • Vercingetorix is released as a playable commander.
  • Caltrops, stakes and other deployables cannot be placed if a unit has recently been attacked in melee, but can be placed if struck by missiles.
  • You can now only join matchmaking as a party if all the units in the party are within 2 tiers of each other.
  • Migration from SEGA Account to Total War Account is no longer possible.
  • Javelins can now use Barrage.
  • Barrage for both archers and javelins now have a -50% AP damage modifier attached to them.


  • We decided punishing players for having friends was unfair, so accepting a Steam party invite during battle no longer kicks you from battle.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes capturing was being reset when a unit was attacked but not damaged. Now only actual damage resets capture. Units are devastated at the loss of their telepathic powers.
  • Fixed a bug where voices were echoing strangely. You could say we caved to feedback. Geddit?
  • Fixed a bug where the capture points for watchtowers on Marathon would disappear during the battle, despite it making matches unexpectedly more interesting.
  • Fixed a bug where formation outlines were distorted on the tactical map.
  • Fixed several bugs related to party matchmaking.

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