Creative Assembly’s MOBA-esque Total War: Arena will be getting some US servers in November, and officially rolling out to those in the States.

The 10vs10, team-based multiplayer title has been operating in Europe and Russia up to this point (and is now in ‘Closed Beta’), but will start embracing American players in the next couple of weeks. You can sign up to be a part of that at the Total War: Arena site, over this way.

There’ll be a special US Launch Event taking place at the Electronic Sports League (ESL) studios in California on 13 November, and that’ll be live-streamed on Twitch from around about 3pm (Pacific US time). 20 players from the US and Europe will be going head-to-head during that contest, to see who has the truest claim on history (it’s Europe, obviously).

In case you were wondering what it’s like to be involved in an ESL Total War: Arena event of this nature, Creative Assembly have put together a video from a prior Alpha contest. Player interviews and in-game footage recap one of the battles between Teams Germanicus and Leonidas.

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