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Total War: Attila
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Total War: Attila’s announcement trailer has a man growling at you

Total War Attila - 07

Definitely burning.

Hot off the back of the Total War: Attila announcement, the official announcement trailer has been released.

The trailer is a pre-rendered affair showing Attila the Hun growling about how your empire is going to fall. He’s claiming to be the scourge of Rome, and talking about how he will watch your world burn. So, er… that’s that.

Total War: Attila is a stand-alone title based around Total War: Rome 2, and it’s due out in 2015. I watched the 40-minute announcement stream earlier and then wrote a lot of words about everything I spotted which seemed new or interesting, and you can read that over here.

Total War: Attila is due out in 2015. The announcement trailer is below.