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This patch will not fix a problem with co-op players vandalising the campaign map.

It’s not quite the major patching news you’ve perhaps become accustomed to of late, but Creative Assembly has today informed players that there’s a small update to the latest Total War: Rome 2 beta patch. Yes, in effect there is a patch for the patch. That’s PC gaming, folks!

Beta patch 3 for Rome 2 was made available on Steam last week, and had an issue that caused problems when alt-tabbing out of the game (it would change the resolution.) That should no longer be the case, so feel free to go nuts and alt-tab to your desktop like crazy.

In addition, the developer say improvements have been made to the stuttering/pausing when using the “zoom to location” button on the campaign map. A reminder, if you want to opt in to this latest beta patch, you should right-click on Rome 2 in your Steam games list, find ‘properties,’ select the ‘betas’ tab and then select ‘patch 3 beta’ from the drop-down menu in there. It should then download automatically. If you’ve already got the third beta patch it’ll update automatically anyway, so there’s no need to do anything.

Patch 3 should be released in ‘official’ (ie; not beta) form fairly soon, although Creative Assembly hasn’t said precisely when. That will be followed by a fourth beta patch with (one assumes) even more fancy fixes in it.

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