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Well, at least she isn’t using the spear point.

You’ll now be able to sweep the planet (or, well, Europe and some of Africa) with an army worthy of Boudicca in Total War: Rome 2, as Creative Assembly adds a lot more women to the game in both free-DLC and paid-DLC forms. Let’s have a look at what both of these updates add (sadly, no sign yet of an actual in-game Boudicca.)

The freebie DLC should download automatically on Steam, but if it doesn’t try restarting the client. It adds a few free, all-women units to the game and also provides a decent update to the original Rome 2 Suebi line-up.

Here’s what you get:

• Hex-Bearers (infantry, sword and shield): new Suebi garrison unit.
Ambushing from hidden woodland positions, the sword-armed Hex Bearers strike terror into the hearts of the enemy.

• Amazonian Riders (cavalry, bow): can be recruited by Royal Scythia, or as mercenaries in Sarmatia, Ponto-Caspia and Scythia.
With excellent bow-range and able to form Cantabrian Circle, Amazonian Riders are adept at keeping the enemy at arm’s length.

• Scythian Noblewomen (cavalry, bow): can be recruited by Royal Scythia
Trained to resist fatigue, and with superior morale born of their station, Scythian Noblewomen can outlast most combatants in a long fight.

And here are the Suebi-specific bits:

• Horse Runners (infantry, javelin skirmishers):
These fleet-of-foot warriors can strike hard and fast from cover, making them the elite of the Suebi skirmishers.

• Spear Wall (infantry, spear and shield):
The most defensive spear unit in the Suebi roster, Spear Wall is a bulwark against even
the most powerful cavalry.

• Round Shield Swordsmen (infantry, sword and shield):
Their high weapon damage makes the Round Shield Swordsmen fearsome combatants who punch above their weight.

• Riders of the Hunt (cavalry, spear):
Few warriors have faced a charge from these terrifying, frenzied horsemen and lived to tell the tale.

So, that’s the free stuff. For $3.00 USD, you can also get the Daughters of Mars DLC for even more women to add to your ranks. This unit pack adds the following options to Rome 2:

  • Gladiatrices: Can be recruited by Rome, or as mercenaries in Italia.
  • Mercenary Kushite shieldwomen: Can be recruited as mercenaries in Aethiopia.
  • Lusitani Swordswomen: Can be recruited by The Lusitani, or as mercenaries in Lusitania.
  • Cimbri Bow-Women: Can be recruited by The Suebi.
  • Spear Gladiatrices: Can be recruited by Rome, or as mercenaries in Italia.
  • Gorgo’s Skirmishers: Can be recruited by Sparta, or as mercenaries in Hellas.
  • Spearwomen: Can be recruited by The Suebi, or as mercenaries in Suebia, Silesia, and Magna Germania.

Here they all are, fightin’ around the world in the inevitable DLC trailer.

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