Rome 2 Hannibal at the Gates - 02

Horse riders will now yell at each other correctly. Maybe.

If you noticed Total War: Rome 2 updating itself on Steam earlier today, that’s a hotfix for the previously released Seasons and Wonders update. It has a couple of fixes specific to the Hannibal at the Gates DLC, but even if you don’t own that expansion the hotfix will make a few tweaks and changes to the base game too.

Here’s a list of what’s new:

-Invalid technology is no longer specified as an objective target for Carthage in Hannibal at the Gates Campaign.
-Syracuse research rate faction trait bonus now confers the correct effect.
-Fixed lighting bugs with trees in Autumn on the battle field.
-Improved season effect bundles in main campaign, and fixed a few issues with the effect bundles.
-When facing attackers with superior missile strength, the defending AI’s decision-making regarding sally-outs from un-walled settlements and encampments has been improved.
-Enabled civil wars for Arevaci, Lusitani and Syracuse factions in Grand Campaign mode.
-Loading screens are now visible to viewers while broadcasting with Twitch.TV.
-Updated base region religions of Iberian regions.

Nothing huge perhaps, but a handful of quality of life changes for Rome 2.

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