Rome 2 Auxiliaries Map

    So that’s where the Auxiliary Cavalry has been hiding.

    You know how it is, you’re playing as Rome in Total War: Rome 2, but you’re struggling to figure out where to recruit all the different types of auxiliaries into your army. Since the game’s release date, people have been wondering where exactly you get hold of each particular auxiliary type and how many different units there even are.

    Thanks to a fan-created map, that’s now a whole lot easier to answer. Rome 2 player Simon Tallmyr has put together a simple tool that allows you to hunt for Roman Auxiliary troops by unit type and colour-coded the relevant regions in the game. All you have to do is select the troop type you want in the drop-down menu (“spear infantry,” say) and the tool will do the rest. No more blindly sticking up buildings in provinces in the hope of getting those Hoplites.

    In case you missed it earlier this week, the second patch for Total War: Rome 2 is now out of beta and should auto-download on Steam. Head over to this news story if you want to read up on the rather massive list of fixes that Creative Assembly has made to the game. It’s not exactly perfect yet, but it’s a pretty encouraging step in the right direction. The third patch is due in beta form early next week, and should contain even more tweaks and fixes.

    Peter Parrish

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