rome 2 pirates and raiders

“Let us through, there’s a new patch out!”

It’s another patch for Total War: Rome 2, I think everybody knows the drill by now. This one is Patch 13.1, entitled “Hotfixes and Festivals” and it should download automatically through the auto-power of Steam. If it doesn’t, try a restart of the client. Then try verifying your game cache.

So, what’s in this one? As the name suggests, nine new seasonal Festival events have been added to the campaign map (in all campaigns.) On the gameplay front, it will now be harder for cavalry to disengage from an infantry melee once committed. There are also quite a few tweaks and alterations to units added by the recent Rome 2 Pirates & Raiders DLC pack.

Here’s a change-list.

Technical and performance improvements


  • A rare crash which occurred after declining to fight a battle as a reinforcing army while the camera was still moving on the Campaign map has been fixed.

General battle improvements

  • Cavalry can now break away from infantry less easily in all battles.
  • Increased the cost of armoured elephants.
  • Improved terrain heights and building positions in Pydna Historical Battle.
  • Fix for raiding horsemen having wrong shield type.
  • Fix for Illyrian Raiders having wrong armour type.
  • Wind will now affect more particles during battles, e.g. smoke will be blown in the wind direction.

General campaign improvements

  • Added 9 new seasonal festival events across all Campaigns.
  • Some Getae objectives that were not completing now are.
  • Fix for Dacian Bowmen not being recruitable from upgraded buildings.
  • Fix for Hellenic wine subject choice giving the wrong effects.
  • Added new Balkan sword (melee weapon stats) for balancing and assigned to Thracian peltasts.
  • Bonus vs. large added to Rhomphaia and Falx.
  • Buffed Thracian Peltasts in melee.
  • Illyrian hoplites and noble hoplites now have Hoplite Wall ability.
  • Swapped ships for Illyrian Raiders, added Illyrian Raider ship to all the correct port levels.
  • Fix for technology missing a link to previous technology.
  • Fix for melee attack penalty in battles for Balkan group generals units.
  • Added Thracian Warriors to settlement garrison units.
  • Fix for units not being available from all appropriate building levels.
  • Added naked warriors to Nervii unit roster.

Usability Improvements


  • Updated the encyclopaedia to reflect the latest changes e.g. include all special units.

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