June 22nd, 2017

Total War: Rome 2 patch 4 goes live

total war rome 2 (8)
They probably lost the victory point because they ran and were exhausted, or didn’t know how to deal with attacks on multiple fronts, or something. NOT ANYMORE, THOUGH.

As is becoming the norm, Friday means that another patch for Total War: Rome 2 has gone out of beta and is available for all.

Peter wrote a few bits and bobs about what was in the beta patch yesterday, but the full thing is a bit more, um… sizable. To the extent that putting in all of the patch notes here would cover just over 10 screens. I’m not going to do that. What I will do is tell you that the fixes cover basically everything, from performance and diplomacy through to the AI. For instance!

– Diplomacy improvements: Factions attitudes towards each other are now mapped with colours on the map on the diplomacy screen. When your faction is selected, it shows other factions attitudes to you, and when other faction selected, shows their attitudes to other factions. Also, the factors tooltip now works between two non-player factions by selecting a non-player faction and mousing over another faction.
– Incremental performance improvements, reduced CPU bottleneck in a number of scenarios – further improvements pending in future patch.
– Improved AI construction logic. It now constructs more military buildings.
– The AI is now much more careful with constructing buildings that consume food or increase squalor. This has improved the AI’s ability to fight food shortage problems.
– Added more restrictions on the AI running too often making them exhausted by the time they reach their opponents.
– AI now have improved ability to place its forces appropriately to deal with simultaneous front and side attacks. This involves angling and bifurcation of its *line with appropriate units to deal with the players use of flanking or harassing forces.

So yeah, the AI should be less boneheaded and more likely to put up a fight instead of standing around poking itself with spears. You can have a look at the full patch notes over here, and Total War: Rome 2 should update automatically on Steam the next time you sign in.

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