Rome 2 gore

Fixed: Rivers of blood gushing out of the back of this man’s he … oh wait that’s not a bug

An update post from Creative Assembly over at the Total War forums contains details of the developer’s plans for Rome 2’s patch 6 and patch 7. This is most likely in response to the less than positive player reception to the $3.00 USD ‘Blood and Gore’ DLC pack released yesterday.

You may be surprised to learn that patch 6 is actually already released. If you own the game, you probably already have it. When the Blood and Gore pack was issued, Steam updated everybody’s copy of Rome 2 with both the capacity to recognise the new DLC and a few “very minor fixes” for the main title itself. These include the problems of “black terrain” and issues that popped up for anyone running the game in non-administrator mode through Windows.

Patch 7, on the other hand, is still in progress and is said to have been the “core team’s main focus since patch 5.” This update is “currently being prepared for open beta,” so I’d imagine that you’d be able to opt-in to it through Steam in the fairly near future. It’s hard to say for sure, as Creative Assembly states “we won’t specify dates on when patches will enter open beta” (in case they have to make last minute changes.)

Do expect the frequency between updates to steadily increase though, as “deeper gameplay and AI changes take longer to test.”

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