June 4th, 2017

Total War Rome 2 Steam crashing, campaign lag and desync. Tried these fixes?

Total War Rome II (5)

It’s been a busy 24 hours for Creative Assembly following the launch of  Total War Rome 2, the support forums have been going busy with gamers trying to help each other out and CA has offered up some further advice.

There are a couple of notes  for common issues that have been posted by CA worth reading, assuming you are experiencing these of course.

If you have the pre-load issue with Steam crashing problem, they suggest you try this:

To solve your issue please follow this step by step solution:

  • Launch steam
  • Right click on Total War: ROME II
  • Select properties
  • Select BETAS tab
  • Enter the following code: kdhf83hd7jf8
  • Pick from the dropdown list: launcher_dll_test_fix

Next up is the lag on the battle and campaigns maps and there are numerous suggested fixes listed depending on your hardware configurations (too many to post here). Of course chances are these may not work for you but they are worth a shot until more permanent fixes appear.

There are still problems such as the co-op desync issue and slow AI turns but there appears to be no solution for these right now.

It’s not been the best game launch so far but hopefully many of the technical issues will get sorted out in the coming days. If you have any tips for others do share them in the comments below too, it really helps out your fellow gamers.

We’ll be discussing all this in today’s podcast which will go live at 9:30AM GMT. Watch out for that.

Update: Patch is incoming Friday!

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