rome 2 beasts of war (4)

Bee seeing you.

It seems like Rome 2 lost the weekend battle with Company of Heroes 2, which sadly means this Beasts of War DLC is not free. Instead, it’s $3.00 USD. It’s still a little annoying that Creative Assembly are doing paid DLC when the game isn’t fully fixed yet … but on the other hand, bee catapults.

Bee catapults. If you thought Rome 2 was sadly lacking weapons like flaming pigs, this unit pack add-on may be tempting. As well as bees, you can also chunk snakes and scorpions at your foes. As long as you’re the right faction, of course.

Athens, Epirus, Macedon, Sparta, and Syracuse can have the Beehive Onager, while Pontus, Parthia get the scorpion pots. Only Carthage are mad/visionary enough to hurl snakes at people.

Elsewhere, Parthia can recruit Camel Cataphracts, and Syrian mercenary elephants will now be found in Dura, Antioch, Tyros, and Palmeira.

Finally, what’s Rome 2 without more war dogs? Iceni, Cantiaci, Caledones, Demetae, Dunmonii, Brigantes, and Ebdani can hire Celtic Warhounds, and Epirus can now have Molossian Dogs.

You can see a few of those beasties in the screenshot gallery below.

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