Total War ROME 2 Caesar in Gaul

No need to rush, you’ve got an extra week.

Creative Assembly has announced that the expansion for Rome 2, Caesar in Gaul, has been delayed by one week to 17 December (it was previously due on the 12th.) This is said to give the developer “a bit more time to squeeze in some additions to the accompanying patch.” That patch is Patch 8 (for those keeping count,) and will roll out for all players on the same date as the DLC; 17 December.

The mini round-up of fixes in Patch 8 is as follows:

• Technical and performance issue updates including crash fixes.

• New culture system – culture no longer works on 100%-0%, instead aiming to achieve an equilibrium between the cultures present in a province, relative to their respective culture points.

• Additional AI fixes.

• The Post-battle loading screens for Custom/ Multiplayer battles are now interactive, after load so the player can see kills/losses of other armies in battle.

In addition, there’s a Patch 8.1 on the way, which Creative Assembly say will be pushed into public beta 48 hours after Caesar in Gaul is released. So expect to be able to opt-in for that one on 19 December. 8.1 is said to bring the following changes:

• Improvements to siege artillery using flaming projectiles appropriately (when attacking walls and towers).

• Additional fixes to AI and pathfinding.

• Fixes to issues with AI’s interaction with walls in siege battles, enabling a more effective use of siege towers and ladders.

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